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to District Bar Associations,Jind

The Bar Association appeals to all to save the Girl Child

Justice Delayed ,Justice Denied.

It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law.

The Safety of the people shall be the highest law

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

The ignorant work for their own profit,

Arjun : The wise work for the welfare of the world , without thought for theselves.

Congratulations All DBA Jind Elected Bar Member's PRESIDENT Sh. Rajesh Goyat , VICE PRESIDENT Hemant Sukhija , SECRETARY Sh. Dilbag Singh Naidu ,Joint SECRETARY Vinod Shokand , Welcome to District Bar Association Jind , 23 March 2018 our DBA website Lounched by Adv Gen. BALDEV RAJ MAHEJAN JI ( Haryana ) ,Subhas Mehla District & amp; Session Judge presence of , Rajesh Goel ( P.S. CM Haryana ) , Deputy Commissioner Jind , Bar President Mr.Jasbir Singh Kundu , Bar secretary Mr. Surender Redhu & all Associations Member

District & Session Judge

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I extend my heartfelt Greetings to District Bar Association, Jind on maiden launch of its website. Read More


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It is my honour and privilege to serve as Deputy Commissioner in Jind .

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Special thanks to all respected members of Jind Bar Association for Invitation ,

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Special thanks to all respected members of Jind Bar Association for electing me as Joint secretary, which has a sensitive and committed role to play in the administration of justice as any judicial institution is incomplete without a Bar Association.
I extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to all the members of Bar who have posed a confidence on me and elected me un-oppose. I also express my gratitude to all the office bearers of the Bar Association for extending their co-operation and support at all the times.
I assure and esteemed members of the bar that I am duty bound to work towards the betterment of legal fraternity, despite my personal engagements and pre-occupation. Still there is a lot to do for betterment for the Association, therefore, I look forward for your valuable suggestions, cooperation, help and guidance in future.

Vinod Shokend ( JOINT SECRETARY )